Nikola Tesla Complete Collection

Hello World!
I’m here to share with you my complete Nikola Tesla Collection So far.
I’m a Data Hoarder since 12 y/o. My Top Priority is Hoarding Documentaries.
I like documentaries a lot
Here I’m Sharing with you Nikola Tesla Specific Collection of mine. Please note that there can be many files and i do hv multiple clone (6+) and for redundancy i hv some in my local HDD.
I admire NIKOLA TESLA a lot.
To Access these files
1st Join the Nikola Tesla Complete Collection Google Group

2nd Visit your Google Drive Under My Drive Section you will see Shared drives Click on it then u will see Nikola Tesla Complete Collection, click on it and then you can view all of Nikola Tesla Related files.

Always Here to help.


12yrs, then you might have awesome collection

Please, feel free to share more in community :heart: :+1:


sure. always here to help.

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Not a single link is working in this group

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Links no longer working.