New Year Special Content Gorilla Giveaway

Howdy, guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway.
I got sick, monsoons here in Indonesia.
My computer broke too. It’s been a week. F**K :sob::confounded::cold_face::face_vomiting::sneezing_face:

Take care of yourself guys, wherever you live.

Today, I would like to give you CONTENT GORILLA AI FOR 5 PEOPLE.


  1. Your account is at least 6 months old to participate.
  2. You must at least have 5 posts/threads.
  3. Tell me your resolution in 2023, what would you like to achieve?

As for me, I hope that I’m rich enough to buy plenty DONUTS. LOL :sweat_smile:


Interested… How can i get

@Alvindo_Putra count me in please

Interested… thankyou brother for the giveaway… my 2023 resolution is nothing as one year back this old year was a new year and no wish came true :sunglasses:and one year later this new year will become a old year and we all know that no wish will come true and All OLD YEAR problems will continue into the NEW YEAR and the NEW YEAR will just bring in NEW PROBLEMS…

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Take your time to read from above, buddy. :wink:

i need this software

@Alvindo_Putra I’m in. I want to expand my freelance writing business. Moreover, I will also start an SMMA agency this year.

I checked and I’m within the requirements.

Well, I would like to get a content gorilla account to facilitate work on blog content ideas, videos. I hope to achieve many things this year too, one of them is to improve my life financially and be able to provide better comfort for myself and my family. thanks for the giveaway :laughing:

Hi Bro, Take care of your Health!

First of all thanks for helping people in this community with your contribution.
2023 Resolution: I want to become a Web Developer!!


Thanks for sharing this valuable resource. I am looking forward to starting my own Social Media Marketing Agency in 2023 and this resource will prove to be very helpful in the Journey. Looking forward. :slight_smile:

This would be a great help for me in my work!
My resolution is to run a couple of successful, profitable businesses from home. This tool would be amazing for copywriting for my projects

Bro i really need it. there are some people who are selling but i don’t have mone to buy if you can give it’ll be a great favour & please take care of yourself these moonsoons give flue and ever in results

Bro i also need this course

If you get PM from me. Check your inbox, then send me your email address. And for those of you who didn’t get any message from me. Sorry, it’s mean you’re not eligible. :wink:

I’ve already sent 5 PM. But only 1 person who replied my message. I’ll be waiting guys. :wink:

@Sibijay brother, could you close this thread? :speak_no_evil: