NEW Rules & Guidelines, User Guide and FAQ

We have rolled out 3 documents, that will help the community immensely.

  1. Rules and Guidelines ← Our Black Book. Contains serious stuff on prohibited content, posting guidelines, requirements for sales topics, etc.
  2. Forum User Guide ← Guidance on browsing, navigation, reading, participating in discussions, trust levels, etc.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions ← Collection of most commonly asked questions on the forums.

Please take some time to review the documents that will bind our community together.

Any queries regarding these document can be asked below. No off topic posts will be permitted.


Nice but could be more better by adding dark mode on the site.

ah thanks was deep buried

What the rules for selling on this forum. I have requested so. Many times. But my selling posts doesn’t get approved.

Please refer to the Rules and Guidelines (Section 3c - Selling Products/Services).


Okay Bro. Noted. I have put a selling post for invideo. Kindly check and let me know how to get the approval. This is a very good forum.

Wait what?? LMFAO Thanks bro .

Hi @Sibijay
I read all the instructions and for me is everything ok
Thank you very much for let me use your Forum

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Thank you for taking the time to review the information buddy.


I had no clue this existed :rofl:

Thanks man!

Thank you man!
We need this far away!