*NEW* ๐ŸŒŸ ~14TB drive Link & how to Import/back-up it to your own account (Mega-to-mega)

Drive Link:

How to Import/back-up it to your account


  1. Add an Extensions in the Chrome browser: Tampermonkey - Chrome Web Store

  2. Now click on the extension and select create a new script as follow:


  3. Copy the code/script from this link: MEGA.nz Ultimately Import - Source code & replace/paste it in the โ€œNew userscriptโ€ file & save the file with ctrl+s or from the file menu.

  4. If you donโ€™t want to use your own e-mail then create a new one.

    you can use this to create temp email: https://temp-mail.org/en/ otherwise sign-up/log-in with your regular mail-id.

  5. Open the Mega website: Login - MEGA

  6. Create A new account in mega with the above mail-id you created or log in to your mega account if you have one.

IMPORTANT NOTE::stop_sign: There should be some storage free in your mega drive if you are using your old account otherwise import will not work.

  1. Open the above mega link provided :arrow_double_up: after you have logged in to mega.

  2. Click this button:


Note: After this it will take few minutes to import this file to your own drive.
After this import you canโ€™t import anything else as the drive will be full.

Once its done help others tooโ€ฆEnjoyโ€ฆ:grinning::grinning::v:t3::v:t3:


Woah. I am curious what was inside that Drive. :joy: There is tons of file on it. I hope I can find a Diamond or something. :grimacing:

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why I can not import, This ultimate import is not working anymore. I tried multiple times, but I could not import, can you help me?

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finally worked . I used firefox. in chrome I was having problem. thanks man love you.


bro not working
can u share the update dlink plzzzz


Again not working :frowning:


not working if someone have it please re upload


Can you upload it again please? The link is down.

bro. i create another mega for import. but i could not import.I am trying to share create link to share to other mega but i could not. these are the same course you can get in freesoff courses library. if able to share i will share.


back up it fast as possible :11.19 TB folder on MEGA

this update link :11.19 TB folder on MEGA


how can i Backup such a huge file please share

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HI, read all the instructions.

Its gone, can you please share again?

Hey all This kind of link does not last for a long time so you have to make a backup as fast as possible

And regarding Import many are having doubt you can refer to this video: How to Bypass MEGA Limit storage (2021) Enjoy up to 15Tb | Pareng Paul TV - YouTube

CC: Pareng Paul Tv - YouTube Make sure to subscribe to his channel.

If I will get another link I will share it as soon as possibleโ€ฆ:blush::blush::blush:


Please update bro thankyou in advance

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Part- 1 Mega

Part -2 Mega

Note: I do not own these backups. I just found somewhere and decided to share it here


bro not working ,plzz coul you share me new link

Can you share link i will import it โ€ฆthis link is expired

These links donโ€™t work. Please reupload sir and I will back it up for others aswell