Before we start, This RDP only works for 1 Hour. But it is Repeatable So You Can Create New RDP Every Hour.

Open New Incognito Window in Chrome. Open This Link :…-in-azure/

Click on the Blue “Start” Button. Scroll Down and Click Blue “Continue” till You Reach Unit 3 of 7.

Click on the White “Sign in to activate sandbox” Button. It Will Redirect You to Microsoft Page.

Click on “Create One!” Button Now You have 2 Options Whether You Choose to Sign up through outlook or Hotmail or You Can Use Temp Mail

Fill All necessary Details, Solve Puzzle and Make New Account. Wait for 1-2 Second Than Click on Next Button and Choose any Display Name & Country.

Select “Student” In Roles and “Beginner” in Level and “Azure” in Products and click ok.

Now Scroll and Click Continue till you reach Unit 5 of 7.

Now scroll a little bit and find and Click on Azure Portal written in blue under “Download the RDP file” Heading. It will open a new tab.

Now sign in with the Same Account Here and then click on subscription button on the Azure portal.

As You can see there is not any active subscription. So go back to the fast tab and scroll up and click on the White “Activate Sandbox” Button.

Now wait for some loading than scroll down and click on continue till you finish the topic and then go back to 2nd tab and reload You will Get Subscription For 1 Hour Now You can Create RDP with This Method.

P.S It shows sometimes error that Sandbox Suspended Because of unusual activity. No Worry just change IP or wait for 1-2 hours It will Work again. (You can also make new RDP on old RDP It will save you from suspension)


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