Netflix plans to prevent account sharing

Netflix explained in an updated account sharing FAQ how it plans to prevent account sharing in the future. The company highlights in the FAQ that devices will have to log into the local home network of the Netflix account and stream Netflix content regularly to avoid being blocked.

Information, such as IP addresses, device IDs and account activity is used to “determine whether a device signed into your account is part” of an account’s primary location.

Netflix targets account sharing with the restriction, but customers who only use their devices may also face verification prompts if they did not sign in with a device for the 31 day period. Netflix does not specify if devices connected to the primary location of an account are allowed access automatically or if they need to go through the verification process as well.

The company does not mention permanent account locks if verification codes are shared between different locations. Netflix plans to launch the restrictions in 2023. The company has yet to announce start dates for specific regions but is expected to launch the account-sharing restrictions in the first quarter.

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i’m using netflix account sharing with my friends, if this realized, i think i need to stop subscription.

Useful share. Without account sharing, they first made a lot of subscribers and years down the lane, they lost a lot of subscribers. I think this is will only make them loss more subscribers.

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that means account sharing won’t be available when via. cookies sharing also?