NetFlix Checker by xRisky v2

Today I’m presenting to you best or you can say an updated version of Netflix checker by xRsiky v2. Netflix cracking was not much easy without such kind of tools. I’m not sure what new features he added in this version or what error did he fix in it. But you can clearly see that he updated his interface a little bit and added few new features like Office website- HQ proxies and API public Proxies. As you can see in the image it captures the number of the screen, SD/HD/UHD, DVD, Expiry data and Country. I think that’s enough introduction for this tool.

Download - NetFlix Checker by xRisky v2


Welcome to the forum buddy. Haven’t tried it, but appreciate taking the effort in sharing something.

There plenty sleeping giants out here…members for more than 100 days without creating topics :roll_eyes: Leechers or learners. We will never know… Oh wait, we know some of em. lol.

how to use it? can i install this on my pc? or should i use VPS for that.

Can you please give some proxies also ?