Need help for dropshipping


This is Shivam, stepping on the dropshipping field which is ecommerce.

There seems to be many videos and courses which targets on only 3 things:

  1. Finding a winning product
  2. Creating a store
  3. Driving traffic to your store

Yeah! this seems simple and many videos and courses only shows how you find a product, then create the store, and then run ads.

But I think it’s not like this, it may used to work till 2020 but now it’s very hard to do dropshipping. If you want to succeed you have to stand out from everybody else.

Like you have to know about human psychology on how and why they buy, what emotions you should target to make them say Yes.

An irresistable offer to which they can’t say NO

And many other things

I doesn’t know much about the field so would appreciate if anyone have anything important to share, and if there are any good courses related dropshipping and ecommerce please recommend them to me.

So for the capital i have around 500$, from India

And Yeah! to get succeed in any field you have to invest nothing is free.

So please help on recommending me some good things and share me your opinion

CAVEAT TO THIS: Everything i said is totaly my views on ecommerce and dropshipping I may be wrong on certain parts and that’s why i would like your view points on this same field, feel free to express your opinion i am not here to judge, I am here to learn. You can also express opinion from the other fields which you think can contribute in this field.