Modern Web Scraping with Python using Scrapy Splash Selenium

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of Web Scraping
  • Scrape websites using Scrapy
  • Understand Xpath & CSS Selectors
  • Build a complete Spider from A to Z
  • Store the extracted Data in MongoDb & SQLite3
  • Scrape JavaScript websites using Splash & Selenium
  • Build a CrawlSpider
  • Understand the Crawling behavior
  • Build a custom Middleware
  • Web Scraping best practices


Web Scraping nowadays has become one of the hottest topics, there are plenty of paid tools out there in the market that don’t show you anything how things are done as you will be always limited to their functionalities as a consumer.

In this course you won’t be a consumer anymore, i’ll teach you how you can build your own scraping tool ( spider ) using Scrapy.

You will learn:

  1. The fundamentals of Web Scraping
  2. How to build a complete spider
  3. The fundamentals of XPath & CSS Selectors
  4. How to locate content/nodes from the DOM using XPath & CSS
  5. How to store the data in JSON , CSV… and even to an external database(MongoDb & SQLite3)
  6. How to write your own custom Pipeline
  7. Fundamentals of Splash
  8. How to scrape Javascript websites using Scrapy Splash & Selenium
  9. The Crawling behavior
  10. How to build a CrawlSpider
  11. How to avoid getting banned while scraping websites
  12. How to build a custom Middleware
  13. Web Scraping best practices
  14. How to scrape APIs
  15. How to use Request Cookies
  16. How to scrape infinite scroll websites
  17. Host spiders in Heroku for free
  18. Run spiders periodically with a custom script
  19. Prevent storing duplicated data
  20. Deploy Splash to Heroku
  21. Write data to Excel files
  22. Login to websites using Scrapy
  23. Download Files & Images using Scrapy
  24. Use Proxies with Scrapy Spider
  25. Use Crawlera with Scrapy & Splash
  26. Use Proxies with CrawlSpider

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