🌐 MINI List of Temporary Email Sites

This is all i can find, i hope this will help you

1. https://temp-mail.org/
2. https://www.emailondeck.com/
3. https://www.fakemail.net/
4. https://tempail.com/
5. https://www.mohmal.com/en/inbox

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Temporary Email Service (Allows You To Reserve Email With Password


Go to this site foreskin.market and enjoy


Thanks for sharing!!! great resource

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I have set up a temporary email service and hereby share it in the community.

More domains will be added over time.
I am missing a few ideas and suggestions for TLDs that I could register and add.
But if you have any ideas I am looking forward to further domain suggestions :heart_eyes: !



umail.life & roots.buzz are a service that allows to receive email at a temporary address that self-destructed after a certain time elapses.

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nice ones thanks for the sites

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1. EmailOnDeck

2. 10minutemail.com

3. Mailnator

4. TempMail

5. E4ward

6. Guerrilla Mail

7. MohMal

8. ThrowAwayMail

9. GetNada

10. YOPmail


Thanks. Its posts like this that needs to be pinned and kept live for the community.

I’d like to add https://www.temporary-mail.net/ to the list. They have around 8 domains available and the best part is that you can customize your inbox name. Found this service to be more reliable than the rest.

Tip: While using Yopmail, use the alternate domains instead. They tend to have a far better success rate.

Warning: Although Temp-Email.com provides a plethora of option, you will be unable to open the same ID in the future. It become cumbersome when there is a verification mail resent.


super helpful thanks a lot