Microsoft Office 365 for Beginners 2023 [10 in 1]

English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BHRCYJH9 | 165 pages | PDF

Wish to master all the Microsoft Office 365 functions but have no idea where to start? Looking for a beginner-friendly approach to learning the whole Microsoft Suite in a few minutes a day? If the answer is “FREESOFF”, then this book is for you!
Microsoft Office Suite represents an indispensable all-in-one toolkit for thousands of workers due to its extreme user-friendliness and capability to drastically reduce work effort by 70%.
Designed to bring the complete beginner to total mastery of all office suite programs, “Microsoft Office 365 for Beginners 2023″ is the ultimate freesoff collection for anyone looking to perfect their computer skills in just a few minutes a day!
This 10-in-1 book collection provides a zero-to-hero roadmap for quick and easy understanding of all you need to know to confidently navigate Microsoft Office 365 – even if you’re a complete beginner!

Here is a preview of all the volumes you will find in this collection
BOOK 1: Word
BOOK 2: Excel
BOOK 3: Power point
BOOK 4: Teams
BOOK 5: Outlook
BOOK 6: OneDrive
BOOK 7: Access
BOOK 8: Exchange
BOOK 9: Sharepoint
BOOK 10: Productivity 10X
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@Sibijay Thank you so much for sharing this
EDIT. Dont know why its deleting it(considering it a virus although it isnt). I downloaded and unrar’ed it
So download it in virus exclusion folder.

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Thank you so much! You’re the star!

It seems Trojan binded in the file ,malware detected.Scan before using and It is not false positive.

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Well that sucks for you.

I uploaded the file myself. a couple of hours ago.

Let me know if everyone is having issue. Ill just delete it to avoid any further inconvenience.

@Sibijay I have put the extracted content on my desktop…NO VIRUS DETECTED by window
But windows immediately delete rar file if I download it on desktop or elsewhere except virus exclusion folder.

Appreciate the update. False positive.

After download completion, Virus detected.

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Someone claims it as False positive then what is that Script? Wacatac.h!ml
It’s a severe virus it can alter into the operating system, system settings, group policies and windows registry.

Beware of this kinda Trojan Malware…

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Reported malware