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Single File download available from the FREESOFF Course Library. Level 1


First of all thanks for uploading this wonderful course. Which Course Library version are you taking about?

The version doesn’t really matter but since you asked, its’ the all new, version 7.0. Level 1.

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Great share :heart: Sorry to say buy the second file is not opening! Can you do anything about it?

both are one file…if you still doubt it…just check extracted folder size…it will around 8gb

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Nope! But surely there is some problem that needed to be fixed

I think you downloaded the same file twice :roll_eyes:

Nothing wrong with it! You have extracted properly. Those two files are part 1 and part 2.

Please provide an alternative link for the second part of the course. It is not extracting I downloaded the same file thrice yet no results.

@Josh_Collins Yup! I guess I am doing it right removing .002 from the name and then extracting the file. That’s how I got the first part but the second file is throwing an error. :sob:

Point 1. Just Download two files (Do not rename the files)
Point 2. Open the first file with default windows zip extractor or Download winrar latest version WinRAR download free and support: WinRAR Download Latest Version
Point 3. Open the first file and extract.
That’s it…No need to extract the 2nd file.(it’ll be automatically extracted)

After extracting check the extract folder, it’ll be exactly 8.2gb.


Thank You! :heart: I got both parts :blush:

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Much appreciated. It’s a really expensive course for me to ever purchase it.

Thanks a Lottt… But its not opening after extract… Share gdrive link

Thanks @Sibijay for this treasure. Please can you re-upload it? The gdrive link is not longer working


Thanks, @Sibijay can you please update link, current one is not working, thanks again

Thank you for this upload, this is an extremely valuable course. Please update the gdrive link.

Hi, dear Aftab please share all the files with me on telegram or with anything.

Please connect with me on my Instagram gtu_nandan


These files are wayy too large bro. But i’ll try for sure!

Thanks for doing this. Really helpful bro

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