[METHOD] Unlimited Gmails On Your Main

So many of us want emails to use them for different services. And this tutorial will be a bit short since it’s easy to do .

Gmail has a new logo that's a lot more Google - The Verge

No Ip is required.

  1. Go to this website
  2. Enter your email where it shows provided
  3. Enter your ‘gmail’ per page’
  4. Normally, the ‘Gmail Dot Trick’ should be turned on for you, if it isn’t click on it to turn it on. Then click on the one below for a more hardened gmail name/s.
  5. Scroll down til you see the bunch of emails. The mails will be linked to the main email you provided earlier so check on your main inbox to get it!

Do you mean when signing up to other sites they consider the same variations of one email as many emails?

indeed, so say you are signing up for spotify, and you have used your main email, use the different variants to sign up again with your main.