[Method] How To Download Unlimited Via Mega Without Even Having An Account

How to download unlimited via Mega without an account

First, download temper monkey from chrome extension and install to Chrome
Then head to greasyfork and click on install.
That’s all…enjoy unlimited down.
P.S : In case it tells you that “your file is larger than your download limit”…just click on “continue download”.



the script says it’s for importing to your account space, it bypasses THAT limit, not the download limit, i’ve had it activasted for a while and i’ve had the same problems with downloads as i always have. Have you tried it? i don’t know what i could be doing wrong, the script is properly installed and works properly for import.

Is it safe to run this script??/

This method just bypass’s the account data “Import Limit” and doesn’t bypass the Mega Download “Sync/Transfer Limit”. Need to find a way to bypass the “Sync Limit”, which might be harder than we think because, there are so many checks Mega keeps track of like IP, UserAgent, Account Details, Pro account check… etc which is persisted on server side.

It is concerned on Import limit bro
It is not about download limit