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Backup soon.


thank you very much man <3


Good Share …
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Thank you but the link expired within 12 hrs of posting bro… can you please share one more time pleasseee… Humble request

Link has been expired pls someone reupload it

I lost my backup mate. Sorry.

Thanks bro… Anyways keep up your good work… Cheers !!

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Hii,brother it would be apreciated if you could provide me with the backup link. i could in return provide you with indian stock market courses of power of stocks,booming bulls,king research pr sundar.

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Hi, can you provide me Indian stock market courses that you mentioned? I will highly appreciate it. Thanks. I have Kundan Kishor course that I can help you with if you need it.

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i think this will work and I dont need the stock market course but if you have some coding course you can shere that ,that will be verry helpful. Have a good day <3

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Thanks, unfortunately, I don’t have any coding courses, but I have seen some courses on this website that you can find.

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I’m free today. What are the courses you need? Send me the list here with official link (in case of udemy). I’ll try to get it. No promises though.

I have RACHANA RANADE courses.


Link: 7.8 GB folder on MEGA
Decryption Key: NUeLHeAKRyN_p0W8YBTfNA

Fundamental Analysis of Stock Market

Link: 9.43 GB folder on MEGA
Decryption Key : DGVfVEWT2kG62TZlhaPlnQ


Can you send me Power of Stocks course?

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What kind of courses do you need?

GeeksforGeeks all Courses


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thanks for shearing man

Could you please share link of the courses you mentioned especially PR sundr course… Highly appreciate your help if you can share us…!


i am uploading rest of courses mentioned but pr sundar course is blocked due to tsop violation . will share a seprate g drive link for it