Mega to Onedrive / Google Drive Cloud Transfer

Hello guys ! I have over 10 TB files on my mega drives and i want to migrate them to Google drive or Onedrive, I got some drive storages with edu mail. I tried RCLONE method and when i was running it…its not finished mounting firstime i mount my onedrive and it loading but not finishing, i cant understand anything could anyone do this? ( i followed Boostupstation tutorials… )


Bro you may need mulcloud for this? Colab would not work, since it has limited runtime and storage :grinning:

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Maybe one of the librarians @Pishone_David might be able to help?

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If you’re working in Boostup station’s colab file, know that it will only clone 750GB. That’s the limit of RClone.
Anyway, even if it doesn’t help you, here’s how you overcome the mounting problem. If the cell doesn’t stop executing, you just have to do it manually. To do so, Find command Palette in the left bottom, above Terminal and search for “Interrupt execution” and click on it.

For you, if you have to transfer 10 TB of data, you can’t do that in Colab due to runtime restrictions and drive limit. Use any of the following

  1. AutoRclone
  2. FolderClone
  3. GDriveClone
  4. EasyClone
  5. Or you can host a Clone bot and use that.

Note two things before you do this.
► These all use SA’s (Service accounts) to bypass the 750 GB limit. So you’ll need to create your own. Spamming this SA method will result in google locking your mail ID. So do it at your own risk. Do not complain later,
► Always use server sided copy else your bandwidth will be used.

I can’t explain all these in detail. All I can do is point you in the direction.


I can vouch for multcloud. CD8-BAT-G14. Is a 20% of code for it if you want it.


thanks a lot for share , it worked like a charm

bro, i need to talk to u about something important. This is prabhu

use multicloud. it gives you 2tb transfer with free account. after consuming this make another account & so on until your data transfer completed (use fake account for registration). Tested by myself

2 TB?

It gives only 30 gb per month for an account.