Mega to GDrive Transfer Via Colab Tutorial

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Tutorial for Mega to Gdrive Transfer Via Colab

Tutorial Link

Colab Notebook Link

Repo Link

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thanks, kits wokring but is there a limit or it is unlimited transfers?

Basically u cannot transfer files bigger than the colab disk space

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You need mega pro acccont to have unlimited transfer

no its not like that
i have transferred 100gb of data from mega
its just takes time . thats it

Really ? You use free mega account and can transferd 100gb?

bro, i didn’t even used any mega acc.

Can you teach me how to do?

PM me i will tell you, its easy

yeah, because you just have to generate a public share link and downloads or views made through public links do not have any limit.

Thanks for the share :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Is there any way to transfer file from gdrive shared link to mega

multcloud, why do you need this?

While trying to download files that shred in this site it taking long time. Some times the downloading get failed and starting from the first. That’s why i asked. I tried multcloud i could not acces the shared folder for transferring.

Bro, how? the vpn method?

why to make it too long
1.make a team drive on google drive
2.get a RDP(dm me if you dont have)
3.most udemy courses are available on internet in torrent just download them in minutes in RDP (rdp gives 2gbps speed)
4.uplodd it in your gdrive…

Hi, can you tell me abt RDP,
I wanna try that transfer in RDP
and what does that team drive mean?

bro , I don’t have pm option. can you please tell me how to generate public Mega Link to bypass the download quota ?

Try qwiklabs for Google RDP for 1:30hrs

No need RDP
Just use Google colab for torrent to Google team drive,

Visit and register with Gmail

Sir I want to upload torrent files on Google drive but don’t know what is RDP!

How to get h RDP !?