HACK How to Create Unlimited Accounts & Bypass The Transfer & Download Quotas For FREE!

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Thank you for share :+1:

Thank u This Work’s I Imported more than 4 TB its Real Man

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I wish mega give me 5TB space… :sleepy:
great share bro…

It’s only one time import only, You can’t import again when the quota is over.
And we can literally just make an account and import it normally we do not need scripts and all.

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:innocent: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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which course did you did import pplx kindly tell ill give you hbo now inbox me and give me the link of courses

give your telegram kindly plx kindly

To make new accounts should we use a VPN for new IP per account and is it necessary to clear out any cookies from Mega before making the new account? BTW, the script is giving me a Syntax error with Mega and Mega refuses to load my folder until I disable any Mega scripts.

There is another hack for transferring data more than the limit. Simply open the folder you want to import in the mega app not in the browser then import it into your account. I don’t know more about this but I think there is a bug in the app. Enjoy!

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I just tried it, downloaded the newest mega app. Tried to push a 14 gb folder from a mega folder I do not own to my own mega folder that has less than 500MB of space left. It didn’t work. There may be some bug where you can only go 1 gig over your limit or who knows what the number is

Try this on browser, It’ll work

Hi Black Devil, I already tried it. I have a 50 gb free account that is close to being full. I tried to import a 14 gb folder both in the browser and with the app and it wouldn’t allow it.

Try it with a new account and use chrome or Microsoft edge browser

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For how long the data remains in our mega app if we import data more than the limit successfully?


Is that data still available there?

Bro, I literally imported 1TB of data with this hack. Try to leave 1-2 Gb space left and use a mobile browser and mobile app.

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No one knows but in my account it is still available after two months.


Ok it works. Thanks. Tried it with a new Mega account. Everyone should be advised Mega says storage boost will last 180 days on their website. They are talking about the 35 GB they give on top of the standard 15GB. If you use the trick to import over and above that, no telling how long that will last.

My pleasure. You can again import the files by creating a new mega account after 170 days before files get deleted.

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