Marina Mogilko - YouTube Channel: From Idea to First Revenue

The course is comprehensive and covers your full YouTube journey: from posting your first videos to making a first hire to help you grow your media company

After completing the course, you will:

  • Start a channel: choose a topic for your channel according to your interests and work on your channel art
  • Publish the first few videos and optimize them for the YouTube algorithm
  • Create a content plan for 10+ videos (this is about three months worth of content if you publish once a week)
  • Choose necessary equipment depending on your budget and goals
  • Get clear instructions on how to script your videos to increase watch time and audience retention
  • Learn to create evergreen videos that will generate views and income for years, even if you stop posting
  • Learn to clickbait a little to speed up growth
  • Find out how to monetize small channels
  • Learn the legal aspects of working on YouTube
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