Lynda courses downloader with gui [v2.0.0] | not mine

GUI is available for the windows version with CLI version for macOS and Linux
Moreover, I am working on the ability to download the course to Google Drive directly.

Program Github link:

GitHub - ahmedayman4a/LyndaCoursesDownloader: Cross platform .net core program to download courses for offline use

VT link - VirusTotal

Releases :

Releases · ahmedayman4a/LyndaCoursesDownloader · GitHub

Why use this Lynda downloader?

  1. The only Lynda Courses Downloader with a GUI as I couldn’t find any other working ones

  2. Easy to use

  3. Cross-platform

  4. Download in the video quality you like

  5. Doesn’t need the Lynda desktop app

  6. Download Exercise files automatically

  7. Download multiple courses at a time

  8. Automatically extract Lynda token cookie from Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge

Enjoy :+1::heart:


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