🔑 Lounge Special! 1250+ Collage Elements Creator Kit

Create radical collages in seconds with this drag & drop collage pack, compatible with all image editor softwares

What’s Included

  • 120 Cut-out Images of Body Parts in PNG
  • 101 Cut-out Images of Buildings & Monuments in PNG
  • 82 Cut-out Images of Landscapes
  • 76 Cut-out Images of Objects in PNG
  • 92 Cut-out Images of Animals in PNG
  • 51 Cut-out Images of Plants & Flowers in PNG
  • 99 Cut-out Images of Vehicles in PNG
  • 73 Cut-out Images of Technology Objects in PNG
  • 51 Cut-out Images of Sky & Space in PNG
  • 42 Cut-out Images of Sport in PNG
  • 180 Cut-out Images of Mixed Media in PNG
  • 90 Cut-out Images of Vintage &Modern People in PNG
  • 197 Cut-out Images of Food & Drinks in PNG
  • All PNGs files 300dpi resolution
  • Average size of 1920px and 3000px for pages
  • 6 JPG textures 300dpi / 4000x6000 px
  • 8 Pre-made PSD Artworks 300dpi / 3000x3000 px
  • Total of 11+ GB File Size


Download (Access for Lounge Members Only)

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  • Must not have been suspended or silenced in the last 6 months

@Sibijay Can you allow trust level 2 users? I badly need this bundle for making whiteboard animated videos.

Im sorry we don’t. Trust Levels are earned.