Looking for a (full verison) Transcription Software

Hi everyone,

Someone I know is in need of a transcription software. A software that can convert audio to text. Looking for something reliable.

He did use veed.io however premium plans are expensive.

Can someone please provide me with links/suggestion to a full version of a reliable Transcription Software?





Hi, :wave:

There are many companies in this space who comepete for AI voice recognition from Google, SIri, Microsoft, Alexa you name it, then why to buy expensive softwares, hire this people using trick :grin:

So, to the point, the best company to do the job in Free voice is Microsoft i use it so well in Marketing,

Method 1:

Wht you will need:

  1. Microsoft 365 subscription for OneNote or Word / Google Docs
  2. Virtual Cable for Internal voice speech
  3. Grammarly (optional) , OneNote has proof reading too


  1. You need a We use OneNote from Microsoft 365 Office subscription, you might be having that , you can use word too. Open it and head over to dictation in Home & select any dilect/ language for voice detection. You can use Google docs, but google voice speech recognition is not better here than of Microsoft

  2. Virtual Cable download from here: VB-Audio Virtual Apps
    Go to sound setting on Windows & change output & input to Vb-audio, change it later to your speakers when you want to hear sound, now computer is listening :smile:

  3. Head over to any video or audio file you want to play and let it run, then click on dictate button on OneNote & branch out both windows & keep them aside for mingling & u see they working by themselves, you continue other stuffs. In that you can edit text from beginning lines make edits afterwards

  4. Let Onenote proof read or Grammarly do the job.

  5. You got transcript after edit

Want to see Magic? :magic_wand:

Press Windows button + H, You’ll see dicatation button in Win10, Open Notepad & following like before let video audio play, now you see ghost typing, It’s not that accurate & better than OneNote

2nd Method:

Using phone and any app like Voicera, Just open the app, Keep phone near speaker & let audio get played

When i’m busy on walk & carrying stuffs, i use Google keyboard Voice input to type by voice; it detects native language too like Hindi etc, does the job that time. Better is with Samsung Note phones or higher end phones.

3rd Method:

Using tools & Softwares, i’ll share the list if i find better ones, there are like Vidtaqs which is also there in forum for small price, Will share others, Just for emergency shared that trick

Find Links for some here:


Enjoy! :heart: :+1:


Hello, you can try https://otter.ai/ it is one of the best Transcription Software I know.
You can use it for a live transcription or a recorded one the result is very accurate and the free version is dope. I HOPE you’ll enjoy it.


Thanks. Will try it out.


Hi, here you can find the latest comparison and review of all relevant software and services on the market:

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PyTrasncriber is ALL YOU´LL NEED. FULL STOP. You are a genious mannnn!!

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