Logo Animation in After Effects Course (2022)

Logo animation has an extremely low cost of a mistake. If something went wrong, you can always change everything quickly and easily. It gives free rein and allows you to learn something new quickly. That is why we have decided to create this course, which is full of experiments, lifehacks and techniques, cheating in a workflow, analyzing someone else’s works, and lots of fun.


  • MOTION DESIGNERS: WHO WANT TO ENHANCE THE QUALITY AND SPEED OF THEIR WORK.The course entirely consists of overviewing different techniques and setups, and of analyzing animation techniques. In general, these all are the stuff that you will never learn without practicing on a real task. Just imagine that you’ve lived three lives of a motion designer in three months.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: WHO WANT TO MAKE ANIMATION ONE OF THE SELLING POINTS FOR THEIR PROJECTS.With the help of animation you can emphasize identity dynamics, demonstrate some microinteractions, and deliver your ideas more clearly. Animation makes everything more eye-catching. That’s a fact. We will show you how to cut losses during routine tasks, and what you can come up with in 1 or 2 days.

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