Linux Academy by WhiteHat Security Channel Free Download

Linux Academy by WhiteHat

  • Linux Essentials Certification
  • Google Cloud Platform Essentials
  • Linux+ and LPIC-1
  • Python
  • Vim
  • Git Quick start
  • Jenkins
  • Bootloading
  • Google Cloud
  • Linux+ Sys Admin
  • Google Container
  • Linux Academy RedHat Certified
  • Microservices
  • PPt-204 Sys Admin
  • Certified Jenkins Engineer
  • Linux+ Exam
  • Nagios Certified Professional
  • Linux with Ubantu
  • Linux Command Line
  • Linux Job
  • Android Development
  • Novices to Pros
  • VMWare ESXi
  • DevOps Deployment
  • OpenStack
  • Ruby Programming
  • Nginx and LEMP Stack
  • SQL Primer
  • KVM Virtualization

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the link have empty folder

the link contain empty folders

link is empty brother???

I wish I coud get the materials. Does anyone has a backup?

Thank you!

It’s empty ,if anyone has please upload