Learning Resources for Web Development - High Quality Premium Courses for FREE!

If you want to be a Web Developer and are looking for some good and quality content and courses to learn from then this post will definitely help you.

Below I have shared the list of courses that should be learned in the same sequence in which they appear. Being a ReactJS Developer for more than 3 years now, I would recommend these courses to start your learning journey to become a Frontend Web Developer.

These courses cover all the basic concepts along with the hands-on coding and assignments and their solutions as well. And the important thing is these courses are completely free and you can access these courses for the lifetime.

1) HTML5 - Beginner to Advanced
Link: https://www.edyoda.com/course/1481
Duration: 4 Hours

What you will learn:

  • The basic structure of the HTML Document
  • Various HTML Tags
  • Adding Images and Videos to a web page
  • Using Links in a web page
  • Mini Project and its solution
  • Semantic Elements
  • Tables and Forms
  • Embedding Audio and Video in a web page
  • Final Project

2) CSS3 - Beginner to Advanced
Link: https://www.edyoda.com/course/1486
Duration: 6 Hours

What you will learn:

  • Adding CSS to HTML files
  • CSS Box Model
  • Styling Links and Buttons
  • Display Property
  • CSS Positioning
  • Working with Shadows
  • CSS Combinators
  • CSS Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements
  • Adding Backgrounds to the web pages
  • Practice Problem and its solution
  • Responsive Web Design

3) Javascript - Beginner to Advanced
Link: https://www.edyoda.com/course/1496
Duration: 9 Hours

What you will learn:

  • Javascript Variables
  • Numbers and built-in Number functions
  • Strings and built-in string functions
  • Null and Undefined values
  • Conditional Statements: if,else, switch
  • Arithmetic and Logical Operators
  • Type Coercion
  • Objects and Arrays
  • Loops - for, while
  • Functions
  • Scope and environment
  • Hoisting for variables and functions
  • Introduction to DOM
  • HTML element selectors and updating styles
  • Javascript events
  • Generating HTML using Javascript
  • Regular expressions
  • Object-Oriented Programming(OOPs) Concepts in Javascript
  • Working with API requests to send and receive data from the server
  • JQuery Introduction

4) Modern Javascript For React JS
Link: https://www.edyoda.com/course/1500
Duration: 2 Hours

What you will learn:

  • Understanding let and const
  • Template strings
  • Arrow Functions
  • Rest and Spread Operators
  • Destructuring
  • Functional Programming: map, reduce, filter, find, and findIndex functions
  • Classes in ES6
  • Inheritance in ES6
  • Callbacks and PromisesPreformatted text

5) ReactJS - Basics to Advanced
Link: https://www.edyoda.com/course/1501
Duration: 4 Hours

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to ReactJS
  • Understanding SPA and MPA
  • Creating the first react app
  • Introduction to JSX
  • Styling react elements
  • Dynamically creating React elements
  • Creating first ReactJS component
  • Understanding what is props and state
  • Working with modules
  • Types of React components
  • Lifecycle methods in ReactJS