Learn the Basics of Technical Drawing (AutoCAD and other software) | Enroll now + Certificate included

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Technical drawing is all about communication and design development, which is exactly what we tackle as we break down very practical design elements and develop a technical drawing and drawing style while designing drawings for manufacture.


  • Learn the foundations of 2D AutoCAD
  • Understand the CAD interface navigation
  • Use AutoCAD commands
  • Gain an understanding of a drawing setup and creation
  • Develop drawing presentation skills and learn the professional practice


  1. Introduction to technical drawing
  2. Gathering the tools
  3. Start with a line
  4. An evolution of technical drawing
  5. The title block
  6. Getting creative with the shape
  7. The technique of geometric construction
  8. ABC of annotation


Intermediate in Technical Drawing (AutoCAD and other software)

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