Laura Relgray - Inbox Hero (Email Copywriting Course)

Emails are your most powerful tool for getting your audience to pant, drool, and joyfully fork over fat cash for everything you sell.

In this easy-to-digest guide, you’ll learn how to…

  • Be more concise
  • Clear out all the “verbal bubble wrap” that’s burying your powerful message
  • Paint vivid pictures with your words
  • Create tantalizing cliffhangers within your emails
  • Stop impatient, speedy, skimming eyeballs
  • Get a hurried reader to willingly go back and re-read more carefully
  • Speak commandingly without being pushy
  • Leverage simple formatting tricks that grab the reader’s eye (and brain)
  • Give CTAs extra urgency (hint: it’s all about the specifics - see the Supergoodie Silverlake email)
  • Reverse-engineer an email you love and replicate its success – without actually copying
  • Get buyers jumping at a high-ticket offer in under 26 words
  • Get subscribers who “never write back to anyone” to write back to YOU – and why that matters
  • Warm up readers to any promotion, even one that wouldn’t naturally be “on brand” for you
  • Weave in powerful social proof without seeming like a braggy blowhard
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Hi dude . I couldn’t find a way to get the 7 figure copywriting course by Arman asaadi. Could u link it for me.

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Hey Bro, how can i use copywriting in affiliate marketing

You can use the tricks to attract your customers

Maybe send traffic with your FB ads copywriting to your website

Or Make your website copywriting good, so after a visitor visit your website, he buys the product

Strategies you can use:

  • FOMO ( by adding a timer on the product… sale)
  • By mentioning the benefits or problems that’ll be solved for the buyer etc