Laura Helmuth - Understanding Your Inner Genius

In this course, you’ll learn the results of scientific studies that point parents in these directions:

  • Encourage Your Child to Try New Tasks. The greater variety of tasks they are exposed to, the easier it will be for them to find their own passion, in addition to learning new skills.
  • Praise Your Child for Persistence and Resilience. If you only praise your child for having the right answer, they can easily assume that the wrong answer means failure. What’s much more important in the long-term is your child’s ability to keep trying different ways to solve problems.
  • Watch Yourself. How do you react when you can’t find your keys, or you’ve misplaced an important invitation? These are important opportunities to show your child that you value persistence and resilience in your own life.

In general, actions always speak louder than words to children. Model for your child that the world always presents great opportunity for learning. Try new skills yourself, and don’t worry about being successful. This will not only encourage intellectual development and a growth mindset in your child, but your own intelligence will also benefit.

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