[latest 2021] top 3 websites to get cracked software

Dr. FarFar is known for always having the latest Social Media Marketing software’s cracked as soon as a week after they are updated or released. They also have things like cracked apk files for android and Pentesting tools for PC.

Link: https://dr-farfar.com

This site has all those Adobe software’s that you need even before they get popular by the company themselves so I like to software watch this site and get the latest adobe software’s as they are out. They also have other software’s but those are like light weight stuff that your everyday person would use like Microsoft Office so it’s a great place even for person’s who can’t pay for the software’s from the original creators.

Link: https://getintopc.com

I haven’t personally used this one multiple times because I think the navigation is a bit retarded however it gets the jobs done and if you’re someone who doesn’t care about how a site is structure you just want to get your software then this is a place you can go.

Link: https://download.hr


Just a quick question: Is it safe to use premium android apks?
Thank you for the great information.

For me, nothing has happened. I haven’t heard any issues from anyone else. No data was compromised. It is very much not legal, obviously. If you have a firewall or security app downloaded, make sure to disable it during the process because it may delete files from the apk. Side Note: Most websites who crack the apps go under the impression of “Educational Purposes Only”, so that it’s not taken down. Do what makes you feel comfortable : )

Try this website for starters. Has almost any app/game you are looking for + they are all regularly updated.


Thank you, destinypembroke.