KeepSolid VPN Unlimited - free 6 months license


I got the message “Code invalid or already been use”.

You are trying it on VPN application. Its not taking the Letter ‘R’ at last. So, login to the website with ur username and try to redeem there.

Can anyone suggest me to get unlimited vpn for lifetime with no download restriction

Proton VPN
Basic Plan is free with no download restrictions.

Redeem code: VPNU6MONTH
Redeem this code on or from the VPN Unlimited desktop app.


Its worked, thanks for sharing this. please share any other licences for example LinkedIn learning, I’ve a desire to learn new things, but financially weak, thanks anyway!

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This code is working: use fast : VPNU6MONTH

Thanks this is working :grin: nice

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Thanks its working. :slight_smile:

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thanks bro its working keep sharing like this bro @Am_AB

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@maxlink You can still be active in this forum, after all sharing is caring, and when they post the courses library, you’ll have total access to maybe anything you need.

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Thanks its working bro :grinning:


1 year Code: StopRussianAggression

Note: You have to redeem this code on
Don’t use it on the apps.

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I thought i saw this KeepSolid VPN post, was searching in forum;
didn’t get & here it is.

I got this code you shared, I created new topic for this as didn’t find the topic
and here my topic on the way for approval :smile:

Thanks for sharing :heart:

Keep Solid VPN is medium range VPN, but still better than nothing :heart: :+1:

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@Red_Orange You can check these ones too: Free vpns in februrary 2022 - tested

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I have those codes too, but thanks :heart:
I was searching Keep Solid VPN topic to post the code, as topic was
already there, but didn’t find

So, i created topic, sent for approval, it’s still on way
and i saw your topic, so saw you shared

Then thought of saying thanks :heart:

I use Premium ones, like Vyper, HMA, Express etc :heart: :+1:


is this still working? really need it.

Why don’t you click the links to find out?

this new code not working, can help me with new code plz