Kawaii Character Creation in 3D with Blender

A course by [Yasmin Islas Domínguez], Animator Specialized in 3D Modeling and Character Design

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Learn to design, model, and render characters with adorable features from scratch and share them with the world

In this course, Yasmini teaches you the modeling process for a Kawaii character in Blender, no matter your level. She guides you through everything step-by-step, from the concept phase to the rendering of your final piece.

Start by getting to know Yasmini as she talks about her career as an animator and character designer. She also shares her most defining works as well as her main influences.

Take a closer look at exactly what makes a character kawaii. Next, get to work on a mood board, gathering all the reference materials that bring you inspiration before doing your first modeling sketches on paper.

Now it’s time to delve into Blender and bring your character design to life in three dimensions! After explaining the different parts of the interface and how to navigate them, Yasmini shows you how to add and manipulate 3D objects.

Finish off the course doing a camera animation to really bring out your character’s 3D nature. Also learn some useful render effects to make doubly sure your creation stands out from the crowd!

What is this course’s project?

Create a 3D model of a kawaii character using Blender.

Who is this online course for?

Students, graphic designers, artists, and illustrators interested in creating signature characters in 3D.

Requirements and materials

No previous experience using Blender is required to take this course.

For materials, you need a pencil and paper (or your preferred method for sketching), a computer with access to Blender and your favorite illustration program, a three-button mouse, and a graphics tablet and compatible pen.

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