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How To Build A Digital Marketing Agency (SMMA)
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thank you so much, it works! you’re a legend Sibijay!!

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appreciate the course you have <3

the link doesnt work anymore

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Link no longer working

New link added

File folder on MEGA

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Thank you so much for this course.
You are highly appreciated.
I tried to download the course some days ago using the Mega app on my phone but it showed ‘Failed: Invalid key or Decryption error’.
Now it is showing ‘The folder you are trying to view is no longer available’.
Will you please upload the course again in a way that will be easy to download (without it showing any error message like ‘Failed: Invalid key or Decryption error’).
Thank you in advance.

Please, can I get a working link to course from you? The one you posted no longer works.

If there is already a working link available why bother someone for another link?

The link is no longer working. It is showing
‘The folder you are trying to view is no longer available.’

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There are two links. Mirror not working (now removed). The works just fine

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Sibijay, thanks for your reply.
I have searched but I did not find the working link. Please, can I get it from you?
Thanks in advance.

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Hey, there is a notion link missing in resources of Module 3 - Sales Prospecting, linked to Video - 07. Agency Management System & CRM. It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide it. Thanks for the video.

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Hey, sorry to bother but would you be able to find this course updated version or the notion link that is missing in this course, it would be highly appreciated.