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Anonfiles Mega


It’s amazing though…

@Sibijay bro please upload full course… there has no full course…

Tell me wht’s missing :heart:
Will try to update :+1:

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Please tell us what’s missing so we can update the files.


this photo i took from first video… There total call number 5… but i got total call 3 from your zip file . and i already watch it also…

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But i got from your zip file 3 calls

I watched 3 calls. And I realize that the remaining 2 calls are so important … so please upload

New Mega Link added. I haven’t checked it, so please let me know if all parts are there.


This course is not full with lectures so please update it

Please let us know what’s missing

The videos inside it 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th and 7th step are missing. Only three videos are in the course you uploaded. So please recheck it and send it to me full time course link I will be very thankful to you

bro there is 2 more videos missing in this course , i came to know that after watching the 5th call(monitoring results,optimising)which is a five hours long call ,in this 5th call - he mention that in upcoming two calls “we will discuss briefly about this call” - this two call are missing bro it is very importent

To my knowledge i searched most of the website in surface web - i can find this course in many website but i can’t find the full course so please provide the full course bro​:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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no dude ,if you extract the file from the mega link given above you will receive 6 call

only 1 or 2 videos are missing (but very importent videos) hopefully :pray: our community will fix the problem

Sibijay don’t pressure yourself too much if its incomplete its ohk you already work so hard for us. Don’t know about others but i really appreciate it from my heart. Love U :black_heart:


@manoj_b If we find files, will update :heart:

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ok bro ,i will try my best :v:

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The 5 and 6 part is missing from the above mega link if you can update it, it will be helpful