Jonathan Van Ness - The Ultimate Self-Care Playbook: Discover & Nurture Your Centered Self

Jonathan is sharing his self-care secrets to help you tap into the power of self-care! In this actionable, inspiring class, you’ll create your own personal development playbook: a set of simple, practical tools to tune into your needs, release your fears, and show up as the very best version of you.

Together with Jonathan, you’ll learn to:

  • Reimagine self-care as a practice that fits you and your life
  • Excavate your true desires through mindfulness and mantras
  • Unlock creativity and joy by developing a self-care planner
  • Build a sustainable and crave-worthy routine (self-care shouldn’t feel like a chore!)

Each lesson is packed with stories, examples, and hands-on demos. Plus, see inside JVN’s personal self-care rituals with lessons in yoga, meditation, crafts, journaling, and of course, skincare!
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