John Locke – M3-4u Trading System

The M3.4u options trading strategy is a very dynamic, fairly simple strategy which is designed to be traded on the Russell 2000 index. It is designed to maximize results in neutral to bullish market conditions.

In developing this program I took into consideration all the concerns and challenges traders brought up with the original M3 options trading strategy course and developed a strategy that is easily traded with small amounts of capital, can be back traded and analyzed across multiple platforms with less variability in results, more specificity in the guidelines (less subjectivity), and simpler positions with simpler, easier to execute adjustments.

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Download (Password: doozy)



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Do you have DRIVE Link for this please?
Because My internet is very slow and if interrupts it is not resuming.
so please anyone upload this to google drive for me.
Thank You, I used bots to upload it to google drive directly from the link but none worked.

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I have downloaded this file but password showing incorrect please share updated password if possible…

Password works fine. Others have used it without a problem.