John Grimshaw - Smart Email Marketing 2022

An On-Demand Training Program That Teaches Anyone How To Grow A Brand With Email

The new Smart Email Marketing is the most up-to-date email marketing course on the planet. It’s packed with 107 streamable videos, 22 advanced campaigns, 110+ email templates & examples, and 55 different course resources to help you turn email into a huge revenue channel for your business.

Each module of SEM combines strategy sessions, step-by-step tutorials, email templates, and 55 brand new course resources to give you a clear path to success.

  • 110+ Email Templates & Examples
  • 15 Automated Sequences
  • Facebook Lead Gen. Campaigns
  • Customer Review Campaigns
  • Course Workbook w/ Expanded Notes
  • Flow Metrics Worksheets
  • Email Audit
  • 22 “Done For You” Email Campaigns
  • 7 Promotional Campaigns
  • Apple iOS 15 Solutions
  • 16 In-Video Quizzes
  • Quality Review Checklist
  • Campaign Map Worksheet
  • Copywriting Toolbox
  • 107 Total Videos
  • 37 Walkthroughs
  • Google Warm-Up Series
  • 2 SEM Swipe Files
  • Webinar Promo Checklist
  • Brand Voice Worksheet
  • Offer Formulas
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Please give me valid key.

password :closed_lock_with_key: doozy

don’t you see the text above?
it’s clear like a bright sky.

what do you mean invalid key? :roll_eyes:

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:joy::rofl: omg .

Copy this text

aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci96b0FqVUpnVCN5NFpnS2cyUGtyYXc2b3RITjR2OE5B 131

After you copy that text above, you will redirect to mega, because bijay upload it to mega. After you download the file, type the password Doozy.

Dozzy is for a mega file.


Google if you don’t know how to use base64, or you can just ask us here. Next time please spare your time to ask, or search it first.

Tks for educating me about it and letting me know that i didn’t know about this base64.

But it doesn’t mean , you can mock me for not knowing it…