Joel Kaplan - SMMA 7 Figure Agency

How To Fill Your Pipeline with Primed-to-Buy Prospects No Matter WHAT Niche You’re In

I don’t expect you to trust me yet and truthfully…if I were you - I’d be skeptical too. For that reason we’ve added a few miles of success stories below. I want you to do as much investigating on this page as you need to.

The proof is there, so you basically have 2 options:
#1 - Continue on the path you’re on…not making progress. Stuck, Stubborn & Stagnant.
#2 - Submit an honest application of your situation and let us see if we can help you scale

In 6 months, where would you like to be?

Who would you like to be?

The change-maker who’s on track to reach a 7-figure+ run-rate
STILL searching for a solution to your massive problems?

I’ll make it super easy for you too.

If after you apply, and get on a call with our team you don’t feel like we’ve provided you with a roadmap to success customized to your agency we’ll happily write you a check for $100.

What You Get:

  • Re-Wiring Your Brain for Agency Success in 2020:
    – How Your Agency’s Foundation is Flawed.(and Why if you continue building this way it’ll crumble unexpectedly)
    – Scientifically Choose a Scalable Market With The Niche Calculator (So you can spend PROFITABLY on ads and stop relying on organic or direct outreach to fill your calendar)
    – The Ultimate Paradigm Shift for Lost Agency Owners (Rewire your brain for focus and clarity)
    – How Smart Agency Owners KILL Their Shiny-Object-Syndrome (.and avoid the all-too-common mistakes that keep you poor)
    – Defeating the Patience Principle (and how to have your BREAKTHROUGH moment a lot faster than we did)
    – 7 Ways to Bring Your Inner-Game to the Big Leagues (even if you’ve tried “everything” and STILL struggle with mindset)
    – The Secret to Simplification (you NEED this if analysis-paralysis holds you back from taking action)
  • Pillar #1 – Setting Appointments
  • Pillar #2 – Closing Appointments
  • Pillar #3 – Systems and Scaling
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Can you provide it in google drive downloadable format? It’s hard to download in fragments over free mega. Would really appreciate it.

Sorry, I cannot.

Files have been split into 2GB for easier downloading. Its what the community prefers.

Moreover mega limits the traffic, not the number of files.

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Did anybody have done it? How good is this course?

After more than 200+ downloads would someone care to share a review of this course. Someone who actually viewed it.

Can this course be considered one of the top 5 SMMA courses out there?


I’ve been following Joel Kaplan for over two years, and he’s one of the best I’ve seen in the SMMA space. Top 5? Easy.

Most of the stuff he teaches actually works. You must find a way to suit your style and improve on it rather than copy-pasting.

Though it would be great if we can get the latest version of this course, it’s probably called Agency lab

68.66 GB folder on MEGA

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Course Outdated

Please help us locate v2.0


All further posts on this course being outdated will be deleted

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