iStock & GettyImages HD Images Downloader (x2048 Resolution)

Hello Again I’m here with Best and useful Downloader for Community.
I’ve recent Post here on Freesoff about these downloaders but Recently these tools were not working and @admin closed that topic .

So, I’m creating New Topic Because Tools are Re-Configured and Working Now Perfectly . @admin can Verify them.

Quality is HD (2048 Resolution :fire: :fire:)

iStock Downloader Link :
GettyImages Downloader Link :

Feedback Will be Appreciated :heart_eyes:


I love the effort in creating these downloaders buddy. Been using them a lot.

Some feedback

  1. Excellent processing and download speed.
  2. Add an error message when someone tries to download a video or uses an incorrect link e.g. format not supported. Something similar to the Gettyimages downloader.
  3. Add a “Download Another Image” in the results page.

Thank You Bro . For sure I’m upgrading Layout and URL validations and Navigation. So will Soon Update them.


You are absolutely right Sibijay, or he can put the heading as only for image download, videos, illustration’s are not supported.

@7xm_xyz you are champ bro, these tool really help me as a graphic designer. Also we are waiting for the Shutterstock :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m Happy that community likes These tools.

and Yes working on shutterstock. But not succeeded in HD quality yet . Have shutterstock downloader but Not HD quality . So My aim is to Have tools Only in HD resolution .
I’ve Downloader :
I’ve Downloader:
I’ve Downloader :

All of these are in HIGH QUALITY.


Amazing tool man, cant stop downloading. Amazing speed. Just a request can you add a back to homepage option next to download just to skip fast.

Hopefully it support multi-download option in future. Great Work once again!

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Sure Adding It Now. Thanks for Feedback


@7xm_xyz your efforts are amazing dude

Add a popup message if anybody use adblocker like brave or extensions. It might be very useful for you

wow! this is truly gold! :heart_eyes: thanks a ton for your hard work buddy!

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Glad You like it . Thanks

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Awesome share, thank you for what you do for the community

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Glad to Hear That.Thank You.

Thanks for sharing a beautiful site that help us to download some HQ images from premium sites.

anyone having this error with the Downloader ??

Not loading


I get a white screen in both Chrome and Safari after pressing “Get Images” for Stock.

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Yeah Its Fixed Now !. You can Use it .


Hi, I’m having some trouble accessing the site. Is it having some problems?

Thanks so much for the service!

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Hello there,
GettyImage - HD Image Downloader isn’t working since yesterday. Is it down for good, or it’s just having some problems?
Thank you so much for your service

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Could you please assist with members queries regarding your app?

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sorry to inform you that I’m migrating servers and It will live all Downloaders today . Thank you for your patience.