Is there any way we can install Win 11 on old systems ?

Mine laptop is i5 3rd, 8GB RAM , 1TB HDD and , windows free checkup shows mine processor is not valid if anyone knows this kindly please share ?


You can easily install windows 11 on any system, even its shows that the system is not compatible. Search internet and download any non-TPM version . It will easily install. I have installed non-TPM on three systems.

If you don’t want to install temapered version than you can also do it yourself by changing in the registry file. Just search on google

Check your PC to see if it has TPM 2 compatibility. TPM 2 is required for Windows 11. Ignoring this might damage your PC. Google it.

Not only TPM 2, Windows 11 only runs on GPT Partition type ( UEFI )… It won’t run on LEGACY MODE

I have tried to run in Legacy Mode but after installing Windows 11 I have faced many issues…

Windows 10 is better and performance also better than Windows 11…

Secure Boot also should be enabled for Windows 11 :sweat_smile:

@Nitesh1 Windows 10 itself better buddy and it’s performance and RAM usage is also lower comparing to Windows 11

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thanks mate i tried after watching tutorial you are correct that’s why switched to 10 agains

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I think your explanation is more detailed and precise than mine. :grin::+1:

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