Invicti Standard Edition v6.4.3.35616

Automate and Scale Your Web Security with Invicti

Invicti is a web vulnerability management solution that focuses on scalability, automation, and integration. Based on a leading-edge web vulnerability scanner, the Invicti platform uses proprietary Proof-Based Scanning technology to identify and confirm vulnerabilities, confidently indicating results that are definitely not false positives. Invicti is highly effective both integrated within the SDLC and as a standalone solution.

Invicti Standard

Invicti Standard is available as a Windows application with built-in penetration testing and reporting tools, many of which allow for fully automated security testing. Invicti Standard is used to conducting manual analysis and exploitation and is ideal in situations when more advanced testing is required, such as on an individual component that requires user input.

Source Page: Web Vulnerability Scanner | Invicti

Download Link: Invicti Standard - 4th April 2022


Added Remote Code Execution (CVE-2022-22965) a.k.a. Spring4Shell detection support.

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