Interface Design Course

What if you could learn the systematic process and visual skills of creating beautiful and functional interfaces—even without a design background?

This course is absolutely jam-packed with all the best information for creating great visual design for interfaces. No fluff, just practical content tailored specifically for interfaces.

Shift Nudge is the system I’ve developed for over 15+ years, for clients big and small, across dozens of industries, and now thousands of paying customers have it too. It covers the entire design process for creating beautiful interfaces.

You can go at your own pace, plus seeing other people’s work and getting nitpicky feedback from peers is great. If you’re looking to expand your UI skills, do it!
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Credits: Babiato

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how many GB is the whole course?

A whopping 150GB. All the best with that

I think the total about 40GB, I haven’t extracted them yet but it seems less than 150GB in my opinion. They’re 19 .rar files at 2GB each and 1 ,rar file is only 77MB

apply for The Kapil Sharma Show :laughing:

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Yes, around 39.77GB compressed :slight_smile:


Hello sibijay all the 20compressed rarfiles are having same files in it. Please check and update it

No one else has encountered this

how to download the course?

I again redownloaded it sibijay same issue… please check it once its a kind request i need this course very badly but cannot afford… all 20parts were having same files in… please check it.