Install new gcam 8.7 in all android smartphones

GCAM 8.7

  • Download and Install the APK provided in the link above.
  • To install you may need to allow installation from “Unknown Sources” depending on your browser. Don’t worry, the file is safe and verified.
  • Open the Google Camera once the installation is completed. An icon will also appear on your Home Screen or App Drawer.
  • If you Run old Android versions, you can try your luck in the CelsoAzevedos’s Repository. It is the place to go if you want to dive into the world of Google Camera mods.

Once the Installation is complete, you’ll need to check if everything is working fine on your phone. If not, you will probably need to wait for future versions. Or perhaps, you can try an older version of the mod. For the GCam 8.7, this is just the beginning. More versions will arrive in the near future.

Worth noting, that in the past, developers had figured out how to bring exclusive Pixel features to more phones. As a result, we believe that it is just a matter of time until some features reach the Gcam mod. Anyway, don’t expect all the smoothness of Pixel features in some features. After all, Google has dedicated hardware for certain Image Processing tasks. Anyway, it’s surprising to see cheap phones like a Redmi Note, or POCO X3 running all the Pixel 7 camera features without hassle.

Disclaimer :

The APK comes from Gcam Modder BSG. You can refer to this link for the Telegram Support Group. The version may carry some initial bugs and issues. All the credits go to the developers and his respective partners.