Instagram Verification Method - Easily Get Verified On Instagram

In this Guide I’ll show you how to easily get verified on Instagram.

Step 1.
Make your account look professional, non-spammy, quality looking and not something a 10 year old put
together. Your last 6 posts especially should be all good ones. No reposts and NO non original content. If
you use it to promote e-commerce put that on pause or scale it back to 1 ecom post for every 10 non-promotional posts.

Step 2.
Tweak your bio and 1 or 2 or your last 3 posts to be international. Internationally known or doing business globally. I dont know why but this matters if you’re not famous. It took us several tries and we were approved on the last request after adding adding some stuff about offices and projects we’ve done in other countries. They wont verify Birmingham’s Plumbing Service as that’s obviously local not global.

Step 3.
Create 3 other copycat accounts from different ips, browser, and emails at different times. Each with their own bio and pics (even with pics stolen from your real account) Spread them each out a few days
or week. Best to use a seperate computer or phone, vpn if you dont know what your doing. Clear cookies
use a different phone etc. Never log into this from same your real accounts ip or phone or wifi or same
cookies etc. Make the names like your username official or something very close to your username.

Step 4.
Wait 1 to 2 weeks then have a couple friends report the account. Then you report the account as impersonating your account.

Step 5.
After the account is removed by IG. Apply to be verified. Boom you’re done! Usually takes about 5 days to hear back. If it’s a no then repeat the steps until its verified, you already created 2 more copycat accounts remember!

The person that made this method said:

"It was our 3rd try when we got verified. We are a global brand though. We have 12k followers and only 75 posts, but you can do it with just 2-5000. Check igaudit and be over 60% real followers on there. During this 90 day period we were at 44% real by them but got it up to 77% real. This may have helped idk. It’s the combo of global, plus high quality account, plus being impersonated. The people offering these services just know exactly what IG is looking for.

My company didn’t so that’s why I say get approved in 90 days, could even be just who the auditor
you get is or what mood they’re in. Most likely they have an algorithm that if you meet the first steps it
sends it for manual review. They definitely don’t manually review every request.if anyone else got approved post up your journey or tips also and let’s make it easy for all to get verified. You can reapply every 30 days. If you change your username you lose the badge. Dont focus too much time or money on this though, it did not make a big difference for us just something nice to have as it ads a little more credibility to your account and posts. Good luck."