Iman Gadzhi - Pen to Profit (

here is the new pen to profit course. Make backup


Why is it so small compared to 6 figure salwes rep, that download was like 7gbs and this is only 1. Is it because of missing files or just the course it self is short?

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Thanks for the Great share man !!! If you can find the 6 other phases as well it would be freaking awesome !!!


there are phases and its just phase 1 of pen to profit that has been released yet.

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Thanks mate! Downloading! :rocket:

dude, stop selling your stuff here, pen to profit is not complete yet and you’re saying it’s full ?

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lol, in ur own folder of pen to profit its only 1 gb. that means only the files i have shared.

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@Sibijay Plz ban this member from this forum.

There is no change between last link an today link

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Do you have the o 6 figure sales rep course

I already uploaded it on this website, search it

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Are the new pen to profit phases out? where do we get access to concepts of copywriting and AI copywriting

where’s the website link bro?

Pen to Profit (Phase 1-3)

Decryption Key: 5q3RY2jULGtKCXT90G5KdQ

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Link is not working bro…

Here is the link for Pen to Profit (3 phases)


Link is not working bro…
Do you have any other link?

The link was taken down.
Could you upload “6-Figure Sales Rep” again, please

Link is not working
Do you another link

New LINK: 41.74 GB folder on MEGA

Decryption Key: a6-_AFDiMQ-ecLlHZTrJjA

Must Backup