If you're 47 or younger, you're a time billionaiređź’Ż

If you’re 47 or younger, you’re a time billionaire

Are you using that time wisely?


1 billion seconds = 31.7 years
The average human lives about 79 years.

If you’re 47 or younger, that means you’re a time billionaire.

You likely have 1 billion+ seconds left in your life.

If you’re 20, there’s a decent chance you’re a multi-time billionaire.

But almost NOBODY thinks this way.

Why is that?
It’s because our society places more value on being a dollar billionaire.

We severely overvalue the dollar billionaire and undervalue the time billionaire.

This is flawed.

Warren Buffett is worth billions of dollars.

No young person in their right mind would switch lives with him if they had to be in their 90s.

Time billionaire > Dollar billionaire

Time is the most precious asset in the world. Everybody has the same amount of time each day.

You can’t buy more of it.

It’s the only thing in our lives that we can’t reacquire once it’s gone.

On average, here’s how we spend it:

• Sleeping = 26 years
• Trying to fall asleep = 7 years
• Working = 13 years
• TV = 8.3 years
• Eating = 4.5 years
• Chores = 4.3 years
• Social media = 3 years
• Commuting = 3 years
• Grooming = 1.8 years
• Exercise = 1.3 years

With an average life expectancy of 79 years that leaves us with 6.8 years of free time.

What falls into this bucket?
• Reading
• Falling in love
• Going to concerts
• Holidays/Vacations
• Time with friends/family
• Giving back to the community

Only 8.6% of our lives!

How much of your 6.8 years have you already used up?

What would you do differently with your time if you cut that number in half?

Think about these questions.

Then ask yourself:

“How can I optimize my time in the other buckets?”

Stop the time pass. Work harder


Time is the most valuable thing in life. Covid 19 teach us that. Dont forget it. Excellent post!


Hi . I want to send this to my family whatsapp group. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks for the great post and Happy New Year to you.


A Good mindset to have is “memento mori” by stoics. Don’t let time pass freely, don’t let it control you. Remember Death.


I’m thinking nobody interested in this article so I’m very disappointed. (988 views) Views are higher but no interaction.

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Aww come on dude. It’s there for those who want to read it :face_with_monocle: Its informative. :nerd_face:


Covid didnt teach shit other than how easily manipulated we are by the media and Government.

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There will never be enough hours in a day unless we stop doing things that do not matter. Lack of direction combined with waste of time, and we have a serious problem :vulcan_salute:time stop for nobody :watch:.

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No worries bro…the biggest thing is realization…people haven’t realised the power of productivity and time management, they can do wonders if they understand how to optimize things and work. For the world, Today India has become a testing ground for gaming apps, entertainment apps, or may be for any product testing/launch due to huge manpower available with people having no goals…But I say the content you shared is truly valuable n superb…a huge thanks for this nice and valuable share… :star_struck: :clap: :+1:…keep continuing ur work…

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I AM A TIME BILLIONAIRE! wow, i’m gonna implement this affirmation. :grin:

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thanks man. little posts like this might just help someone to get control of their lives.

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Thanks for making me to think this way… awesome!
Najar badlo, Najare badal jaayenge!!

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Marriage, kids and responsibilities. It literally eats time up. :neutral_face: I am trying to change my life around as well. Good food for thought.

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I’m glad to know that I’m also a billionaire even though I don’t have much money in my pocket at least I have plenty of time to spend with my beloved family. Thank you for sharing this everyone of us! :slight_smile:

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The headline caught me off guard

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how did covid 19 teach you that?

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What an amazing post this is, it made me realize how much I waste time on stuff that are useless in the long term, thank you for making me realize this :heart:


Even I’m also wasted my time brother, we will think we should not waste the time but it’s pretty hard to maintain.


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