iCanStudy upgrade learning for exam


Learn the techniques from day 1 until exam day

With just 20 minutes a day, upgrade your skills to rise above any learning challenge. The same techniques from year 8 or 9 aren’t enough for top 1% in year 12 or university, or for the demands of professional work. This course meets you where you are and pushes your skills to new heights


Shaee this course if you have

I am also requesting the course

I also want this as soon as possible!

where is the course please and thank you

Do some one have this
If so share it

I would i also like this course as i have barely past any of my exams ever!

alguien lo consiguio?

Do you have it if so please share

So, I found this website that is selling the iCanStudy course for $20. Is anyone willing to take one for the team?
Link: https://coursesfast.com/product/justin-sung-icanstudy-studying-time-management/

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I don’t have any card to buy online If any one have card to buy then please do it and share to community because it is a great course you won’t regret by buying and you are able to help yourself and many other students. The course is $20 on coursefast link given by Min_sung

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Jeez dude. Calm down. This is not ZeeTv.

You are seriously expecting someone to pay Rs. 1600 for a course he will not use?

If someone has it, they will share, if not wait.

Why don’t you be that special one!! YOu’ll be remembered for the rest of your life​:rofl::rofl:.

Right guyz, justin is organizing a webinar. Check it out if you’re interested.


Give me the link please

Link of the free webinar by Justin sung .don’t miss the opportunity