I need some help to scrape a website. :)

I am working on a project and I need to scrape Class Central, website completely, (one level deep). Basically, I need to clone the above site as it is, with all of its HTML, CSS, and JS functionality, (one level deep as in, full home page and all the links present on the homepage those pages too, as it is) .
And then finally when it’s done, translate the whole website into Hindi, either through google translate or hard-code some code in HTML itself.

I have used HTTrack to copy the whole website, but some files and functionality are missing, and translating the website has been tough work :frowning:

If any of you could help me with this or suggest some codes or tools or just do it for me :slight_smile: , I will be grateful to you :slight_smile:

Waiting for your replies :vulcan_salute:

Use apify.com and sign up for 30 day trial. Use their premade ‘website scraper’ actor and some rotating HTTP proxies from their proxy section to scrape a website fully.

Btw not tested personally but it has good reviews. Give it a try


I assume you just want to translate the website to Hindi, correct me if I’m wrong. Usually, if your device language is set in, for example Hindi and you visit an English site, there will be popup options to translate (Microsoft Edge). If not, you can always take the link of the website you want to translate and paste it into this (choose the website option). Do note however that the language of the content in the course is impossible to change unless there were captions or a voiceover added.

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Yeah, I guess that is what the teacher wants, but They strictly told us to hard code in the HTML for translation and not this way as you mentioned :slight_smile: , . Anyways, thanks for help

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I will give it a try :slight_smile:

sure enjoy!!!