I am working on some projects for "Freesoff" Family Members

Hello all Freesoff family members, First of all thanks to all to become member of our family, i am working on some project for you.

  1. Canva pro 30 day creator (Almost done )
  2. Udemy Course Finder (Take some more time)
  3. Udemy Course Offline Downloader
  4. Udemy Course To GDrive Downloader
  5. Youtube Video Downloader

and some more…

Thanks :heart:
Dev Day


Waiting For Your Remaining Projects :100: :two_hearts:


All the best mate :slight_smile:

Thank you very much you’re doing just the good in us, and you don’t know from where will get you back thank you brother

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too cool man, thanks for doing this
and anything for envato downloader as many want that even me

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@Devday Thanks for doing this for our Freesoff family.

But, their are leechers everywhere. You have to mention credits to Freesoff or to you. Without credits everyone will copy your work.


Thank you very much :heart:

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Best of luck man :+1: and thanks for your efforts :100:

Awesome!!! Thanks for your efforts

Hope you can make it. all the best :heartbeat:

wow eagerly waiting for your upcoming project, using canva Pro 30-day creator for few days…loving it <3

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No.4 will be too better.

:raised_hands: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: