HURRY! 5x Semrush Pro 30-day Accounts Giveaway


1 Semrush Pro 30-day account to first 5 comments. (5 accounts available)

Whoever comments first will get an account. :star_struck:

This is my first ever giveaway here on freesoff, more to come as well…

Thanks !!

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Hi @jim_ross , I would like this Semrush pro. Thanks :pray:

Thanks for the giveaway @jim_ross

i need semrush account if you can give me it will be very helpful for me

Thanks for this giveaway :hearts:

Included me also please

Will be gald if I get one Thanks

give me sir, i need please

Included me also please

I mentioned it, the first 5 people only, already delivered to first 2 comments and the next 3 left…

After this, I will give 1 semrush account every day, but from Monday…

I will open a sale thread soon, I am not sure if admin is going to allow me to open the sale post or not…

Thanks !!

Thank you for this chance. #respect

Thanks for great giveaway add me plz

My Man Jim_Ross Thank you anyway

i hope to get one
thank s for your giveaway

Fingers xed! :crossed_fingers:t4: Thanks regardless if I get it or not

Hopefully I Get To My Project

Will be gald if I get one

Little late but congrats to those who get it

still i have the hope, please share bro

@jim_ross Thanks for the giveaway 30 day pro account on semrush. It works like a charm!