Humble request (Udemy) ChatGPT 4 edu

Hi there, If anyone has access to (or can) get these courses, wouldn’t it be great!?

Good luck and thanks!

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not work all pay version not a free

why do you want a course which has only 39 students ? are you the owner thinking that to download this course, someone will buy it??

No Neeraj, Not the owner. A teacher, who wants to know. Never have look # of students, but syllabus instead. Contents. Hey , thinking of that: can you get those or not? If not interested in something, I direct my attention to something else and usually try to help or advice there.
Anyway thanks for your 5 cents, but in fact, I´m looking for the courses with that content (hope others aim to that, but it´s 100% ok if not).

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